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Further Beyond Coincidence

Shure SM81 Condenser MicrophoneA couple weeks ago, I phoned my church’s music director to inquire about the list of equipment he planned to submit to a donor in our congregation who plans to make a substantial contribution to the church’s music ministry.  (I have posted previously about the origin of this list.)  In particular, I was interested in whether or not the director had included some microphones suitable for recording instruments for a professionally produced album in this list.

The music director indicated that the list had already been delivered to the would-be benefactor, but that the microphones were not present in it.  The director explained that the list was comprised of “big ticket” items that the church could not ordinarily afford, since a significant donation was in view.  The microphones, while not cheap, are much less expensive by comparison, and might feasibly be included as a line item of our church’s music budget — perhaps as early as this year.

This made perfect sense, but was still a bit disappointing to me.  I was able to let go of it pretty quickly, though.  After all, if God wants an album recorded to help support our adoption journey, He’ll provide the means to get it done, church microphones or no.

About half an hour later, I noticed a new voicemail message on my phone from the music director. My heart did a bit of a cartwheel as I listened to it. Evidently, right after he hung up with me, the director found a new email from the donor saying that the list of desired equipment had been received and looked good. However, there was still money that the donor wanted to give beyond the cost of the listed equipment. Was there any additional equipment that could be of use to the church music ministry, the donor wanted to know.  At this, the music director called one of the church’s sound technicians and commissioned him to put together a second list of recording equipment for our church, including the microphones I had asked about.

This is the second case of more-than-ironic timing regarding funds for church recording equipment and my improbable adoption-supporting album.  Again, I am still unsure how all of this will work out – the music director ended his message by indicating that the funds to be donated probably won’t be available until November of this year.  Even so, my faith and hope are growing, as the Lord seems to be afoot in this matter.

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Beyond Coincidence

This morning I spoke with one of the sound volunteers at our church about potentially being involved with our adoption-funding recording project.  He is a talented guy with a college degree in sound recording and engineering, and he seems interested in helping out.

Anyhow, we were discussing the feasibility of producing professional-sounding recordings at the church.  He mentioned that one of the biggest obstacles would be the need for high quality microphones.  The microphones the church currently owns are good for recording Sunday services and other live events, but are not up to par for studio-quality projects.  We began wondering aloud about the possibility of borrowing or renting microphones for this work.

In the middle of this conversation, the church’s music director walked over and said that a parishioner had come into an inheritance and wanted to donate it to the church’s music ministry.  “Start making a wishlist,” he quipped.  He and the sound engineer were soon rattling off ideas for how to best use this gift. One of their proposals centered on the need for better microphones for the choir — microphones that might also be used to create high quality recordings of other instruments.

Within a couple of moments, the sound engineer was online, pricing out such microphones to see if they could be purchased and delivered in time for the church’s Christmas program later this week.  I asked him if these mics might be good enough to use on my project, and he indicated that they could potentially be used to record piano, guitar and other instruments.

Now, I don’t know if my church will actually purchase new microphones, or if we will end up recording some, any, or all of this project there.  Nevertheless, this episode seems to go way beyond coincidence. I take it to be confirmation from God that we should move forward with the adoption dream, and specifically with the recording project to support it.  The Lord used these events to speak hope and confidence to my heart. May Jesus Christ be praised!

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Of Discs and Domain Names

I’ve known for years that my wife has deeply desired, and even felt called by God, to adopt.  Yet I could not see our family adding another child.  We already have three wonderful boys and two dogs in a very cozy, cramped, and cluttered house.  It just didn’t seem like a feasible option, nor a desirable one for me.

Even so, a couple months ago, I told Rosemary that I was ready to begin this journey of adoption with her. Despite my discomfort with this course of action, it had become clear to me that the Lord was strongly impressing on her to step out in faith and begin this process, and I should at least trust her enough to walk with her onto this misty road, even if I had not personally heard God speak to me on the matter.  It probably wouldn’t work out anyway, and I would at least get some husband points in the process.

Well, that all changed yesterday.

Two nights ago, Rosemary and I attended an informational meeting on adoption held at our local Bethany Christian Services office.  Both of us felt hope and faith in God’s plan and power stir in our hearts as we listened to the office director speak about the many aspects and tasks related to adoption. The next morning, I began to do some of my own thinking and research into this crazy idea of adoption.

It wasn’t long before God started throwing bricks at me, too.

First, He brought to mind several of the songs I have written over the past years.  Since my first album was released, I have continued to write songs on an infrequent basis on various topics (corporate worship anthems, lullabies, Communion meditations, etc.).  However, I was never able to string these pieces together into a cohesive musical tapestry.  At least, not until that morning.  All at once, I saw that the majority of these newer songs fit together within the themes of belonging, family, and togetherness.  The overarching concept of dwelling place sprang into my head, and I realized that the pieces in this repertoire make up a fairly substantial collection . Toss in a couple adorable little tunes my boys have composed, and there is enough material for an entire full length CD — a CD that might help to raise money for an adoption!  Astounded, I asked Rosemary and the kids what they thought of this idea.  They were all excited and supportive, and suggested I look into it.  Amazing!  I had come to accept the likelihood that my recording days might be over, and I would never have hoped to undertake a project of such scope during this busy season of life.  And yet, it seems that God may well have given me back this dream to use for this wondrous Kingdom journey with those I love the most.

A few hours later, I recalled how Rosemary had mentioned that we should write down the events of this remarkable unfolding story.  She had suggested putting something online, perhaps on Facebook, and I had noodled the idea of chronicling our adoption journey on a blog.  But what domain name (a.k.a web address) would we use for such a blog?  Curious about what might be available, I browsed to my favorite domain name registrar and typed in a couple of possibilities.  One of these was simply sonjaruth.com, a domain I was practically certain would have been snatched up after so many years of online property squatting, bartering, and profiteering in this wild frontier of the Internet.  To my shock, sonjaruth.com was still available.  Stunned, I quickly grabbed my credit card to make the purchase.

So, in a few short hours, God used music and technology, two of the most prominent facets of my life, to show me that without a doubt, He is behind this adoption pipe dream, and He is calling me to walk in it with my family.  In this moment, the truth of this matter is clear and plain as day to me, and I feel a deep gladness and gratitude for such a wonderful part to play in this tale.  Glory to God!

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