Credits and Thank Yous

Simon Miner: piano, keyboard, lead vocals
Rosemary Miner: tin whistle
Sedric Miner: lead vocal on He Keeps Me Safe
Ronan Miner: lead vocal on Jesus Died on the Cross and He Keeps Me Safe
Reilly Miner: lead vocal on You’re in My Heart and He Keeps Me Safe
Bob Lathrop: acoustic guitar, percussion, concert bass drum, vocal coaching
Mark Vienneau: bass guitar, lead vocal on As We Gather at Your Table, BGVs
Matthew Woolley: drums
Mike Sylvester: electric guitar
Holly Libert: hammered dulcimer
Hannah Gansenberg: lead vocal on O Christ Whose Blood, BGVs
Alison Dunfee: lead vocal on Carried
Pat Drumm: BGVs
Chris Brewer; electric guitar on Take All of Me, acoustic guitar, percussion, and bass on
The Love You’re Looking For, and bass and additional acoustic guitar on Carried
Marvin Simms: percussion on Take All of Me
Sarah Hunter: shaker on Carried

All songs written by Simon Miner except The Love You’re Looking For by Simon and Rosemary Miner, Jesus Died on the Cross by Ronan Miner, You’re in My Heart by Reilly Miner, Carried by Rosemary Miner, and He Keeps Me Safe by Sedric Miner.

Engineered by Mat Gansenberg, Pat Drumm, Nathan Hunter,
Mike Sylvester, Chris Brewer, and Peter Vantine
Mixed by Mat Gansenberg, Pat Drumm, Chris Brewer, and Kenny Lewis
Mastered at Mixed Emotions Music by Kenny Lewis
Cover art, photography, and graphic design by Sedric, Ronan, Reilly,
Rosemary, and Simon Miner
Produced by Simon Miner, Bob Lathrop, and Chris Brewer

Thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for making this dream a reality and part of an even bigger dream, to Bob, Mark, Matt, Mike, Holly, Hannah, Mat, Ali, Pat, Nathan, Sarah, Chris, Marvin, Peter, and Kenny for sharing your time and talents so freely on this project, to Byfield Parish Church, Triton Regional High School, Vantine Studio, Mike Sylvester, and Chris Brewer for the use of your first-rate recording facilities, to Pat, Mill City Church, Triton Regional High School, and Bob Cooper for lending us your excellent equipment, and to Hannah Libert for the F tin whistle.

For Sonja Ruth. We can’t wait to welcome you home.

© 2014 Pedal Point Music. All rights reserved.

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