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My wife Rosemary has wanted to adopt since she was a little girl. Yet whenever the subject came up in our discussions, I was quick to dismiss it as impractical.  “We already have three boys, our house is way too small, and we lack the funds needed to cover the significant costs of adoption,” I would say. Logical thinking, but so limited.

Then the Lord began to change my heart.  It started at a Steven Curtis Chapman concert that highlighted the plight of orphans and challenged attendees to think about how they could help.  I began to feel God’s call on our family to adopt.  My conviction grew over the months that followed, and when the idea arose to do a recording project to help cover adoption expenses, I was sold.

I’ve always loved music; playing piano and writing songs are two of my deepest joys. Some time ago I had the chance to record several of my compositions on a full-length album entitled Awakenings. Now, years later, I realized that my family and I had been slowly compiling a set of original pieces that would fit nicely on a record about adoption.  Songs about family, community in Christ, and belonging to God – Communion hymns, a lullaby, a love song to my wife, child-like praise songs about trusting the Lord.  The tunes flowed together so naturally and organically that it had to be more than mere happenstance.

The clincher came on Christmas Eve in 2011 when I wrote “Beneath this Christmas Moon,” a song for Rosemary in which I committed to walk with her on this journey of adoption.

Yet sweeter joy God stirs us find if we would dare this dream,
Our thriving hearth a living sign of how the Lord redeems.

And thus, The Dwelling Place Project was born.

Over the next two and a half years we hoped, prayed, and waited as we watched God slowly bring the pieces together.  We spent a week recording material on borrowed equipment in our church’s basement. Good folks from our congregation’s praise band and audio/visual team volunteered their talents to lay down bass riffs, background vocals, hammered dulcimer lines, and so much more.  A generous friend donated time at his piano studio.  And everyone in my family was involved, singing, playing tin whistle, and drawing pictures for the album’s artwork.  It was a small mirror to the adoption process we were moving through – homespun, faith-filled, and wonderful.

The long-awaited result is a worship album to raise adoption awareness and support.  The Dwelling Place Project is poignant, authentic, grassroots yet polished, and deeply personal. It captures the essence of who we are as a family, and is a tangible sign to me of God’s faithfulness, a confirmation that we are on the right path. Our adoption journey has been full of twists, turns and detours, and the destination still seems far off. Yet I am confident and grateful for Jesus’ abiding presence and encouragement through the signposts He keeps giving us – like The Dwelling Place Project.

Thanks for reading.

– Simon

“In Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” Psalm 16:11


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