Making the Album

These videos tell the tale of how a determined group of family, friends, and generous volunteers pulled together to create The Dwelling Place Project — mostly in a church basement and high school music room.

Casting the Vision

This brief video explains the purpose behind The Dwelling Place Project, to raise awareness and support for our unfolding adoption journey through an album of songs about family, belonging with God, and living in community within the Body of Christ.

The Recording Process

The Sunday School Sessions

Most of The Dwelling Place Project was recorded in a couple of our church’s Sunday school rooms during the hottest week of the summer.

Drums and Bass

Our first day in the “studio” consisted mostly of tracking bass and drums. Recording these two instruments simultaneously can make for a good consistent rhythm and groove on which to build the rest of a song.


Guitars were next on the agenda. Some great sounds and awesome friends here.

Vocals and Dulcimer

Next, we sang and hammered our way through some of the finer and funner tracks on the album…


Here’s a montage of our piano tracking session at Vantine Studio a few weeks later. What an amazing experience! Thanks so much for your generosity, Peter Vantine! Check out Peter’s Prayerful Improvisations album that he had just finished tracking at the time of this recording.


Here’s a peek at an eleventh-hour edit to a songwriting tweak for one of the songs on the album…

Percussion, More Vocals, and Other Adventures…

Tracking for The Dwelling Place Project finishes up at Triton Regional High School! Here’s a recounting our last few sessions, complete with homespun studio equipment, disaster recovery, and more percussion than anybody anticipated.


Mixing is when you take all of the individually tracked “ingredients” and bake them into a sweet-smelling soufflé of sound. OK, so it’s not quite that culinary, but these videos give you a taste of what it was like to stir the various parts together, as well as the harrowing snow-fraught journey to reach the kitchen…er, recording studio.

Help from a Friend

Chris Brewer

In addition to all the work chronicled in these videos, our good friend Chris Brewer greatly contributed to The Dwelling Place Project.  Chris play guitars (both acoustic and electric), bass, and percussion on three songs, enlisted his buddy Marvin Simms to play djembe on one tune, and then mixed his work into some smooth sonic goodness.  Chris lives in Florida, so all this was done remotely thanks to the wonders of modern technology.

The Touch of a Master

Kenny Lewis

When all was said and done, the renowned Kenny Lewis of Mixed Emotions Music lent his skillful hand to mix a song and master the album. Kenny’s talented work gave a cohesion and polish to The Dwelling Place Project that really bring the album together as a whole.

The Final Product

After more than two years of hope, prayer, and hard work, The Dwelling Place Project is now a reality – a worship album to raise adoption awareness and support.

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