Beyond Coincidence

This morning I spoke with one of the sound volunteers at our church about potentially being involved with our adoption-funding recording project.  He is a talented guy with a college degree in sound recording and engineering, and he seems interested in helping out.

Anyhow, we were discussing the feasibility of producing professional-sounding recordings at the church.  He mentioned that one of the biggest obstacles would be the need for high quality microphones.  The microphones the church currently owns are good for recording Sunday services and other live events, but are not up to par for studio-quality projects.  We began wondering aloud about the possibility of borrowing or renting microphones for this work.

In the middle of this conversation, the church’s music director walked over and said that a parishioner had come into an inheritance and wanted to donate it to the church’s music ministry.  “Start making a wishlist,” he quipped.  He and the sound engineer were soon rattling off ideas for how to best use this gift. One of their proposals centered on the need for better microphones for the choir — microphones that might also be used to create high quality recordings of other instruments.

Within a couple of moments, the sound engineer was online, pricing out such microphones to see if they could be purchased and delivered in time for the church’s Christmas program later this week.  I asked him if these mics might be good enough to use on my project, and he indicated that they could potentially be used to record piano, guitar and other instruments.

Now, I don’t know if my church will actually purchase new microphones, or if we will end up recording some, any, or all of this project there.  Nevertheless, this episode seems to go way beyond coincidence. I take it to be confirmation from God that we should move forward with the adoption dream, and specifically with the recording project to support it.  The Lord used these events to speak hope and confidence to my heart. May Jesus Christ be praised!

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Simon Miner

About Simon Miner

I am a songwriter, pianist, and (would-be) singer who, along with my family and church community, created The Dwelling Place Project to raise adoption awareness and support.

5 thoughts on “Beyond Coincidence

  1. Confirmation. I choose to stand with you, beloved Ipswich Miners, and to believe, rejoice and praise God for Sonja Ruth and all that goes with receiving this most precious of gifts. I love you all beyond words.

  2. Thank you, Simon, for you Christmas e-letter and sharing this blog with us. I will be excited to vicariously share this journey with your family and look forward to meeting SonjaRuth. Know that I will be praying for all of you through this process. You know how much I still enjoy your Awakenings CD so be sure to set aside at least 5 copies of the new one for me. I have friends that I want to share with and perhaps I can help to sell some more for this worthy new addition to your family. God’s blessing be upon you and His wisdom be evident.

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